Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

I Post What I Feel !

Saturday *kiss kiss* really do ♡ ME day ! but it not a good moment when i must faces a number of lecturers and an exam on the morning . . . The DAMN thing is when its going dawning !! Aarrgghh, it means that my our time will be end . . . OMG !!!
our ???
Yeah, my boyfriend and I had spent the 3th month anniv the night before I post this writing . . It about 7 hours passed, and (of course) my boyfriend look so tired . .for accompany me . .

 although he has spent  his coffee and snack
he still sleepy
but i still fire :)

sorry hubby :(
have make you tired
But I hope, it's will be our nice moment (again)
♡ u olwes, Roisahendra.
I post what I felt, that I feel fallin in you 
and it will never end

since 18dec10

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