Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Nice Day

Its nice night to always be with you till sunrise at Lincak cafe on Friday, 14 january 2011 :), we spent the time together with a glasses tea mint and hot cappucino also frenchfries and fried rice, accompanied by the dim candle flame and the drops of haze. With touch of soft wind on the cold night. What a quiet night, so romantic.
You still accompany me when i've finnished my chemistry assignment, its a lot of report and task, right ?hohoo. I know you're very tired for working about every day and every time but you still be patient to be there with me :)

what a crazzy act to take picture on dawn time :)

When sunrise, we take some picture, it just a litle fad (narsisme mode : on), hahahahaaa :D. Whooa, look at our face, it looks so tired of course, because about 6 hours we haven't take a rest or slept (-_-") . It's ok, we still enjoyed it, heheheee ...

I think it's a nice picture although our face is not too fres :D
It's going morning when i decide for back home, and i took that photo as our last picture at that dawn :)
Hahaa, it waste my time (i'm not sure about this but absolutly 'no' :D ), in short, i really enjoyed that night ...
Thanks for accompany me Roisahendra, stiil fighting for our future i'll be there for you still waiting for you :*
*Roi&Megga since 18Dec'10*


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